Giraffe Access has been providing access solutions to the UK market for several decades. Tracing its roots back to the scaffolding industry in the South West of England, the business has in depth experience in the access industry. Access centres are located throughout the UK.

Our Services

We hire and install temporary suspended access cradles, aluminium towers and system scaffolding. We offer basic temporary access solutions to more bespoke engineered solutions. We offer complementary services including material hoist rental and training. As part of Zarafa Holdings, we can draw on a range of access, maintenance and engineering specialists to provide a comprehensive access package for most applications.

Our Customers

Our customers work in a range of sectors within the construction and maintenance market. We provide solutions to industrial, commercial, residential, infrastructure and energy related businesses across the UK.

Our Suppliers

We work closely with leading manufacturers including Sky Climber and Altrex to engineer access solutions for all environments.

Our People

Our experienced riggers and technicians are trained to maintain and install equipment to the highest standards. We operate a company wide programme of continuous education to ensure all employees are given the necessary skills and technical knowledge to achieve the required levels of competence.


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